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Watch Justin Bieber: Never Say Never online full movie here at If you are not getting enough of this popular Canadian singer today, then this Valentine week, you might want to check Justin Bieber on theaters in full 3D with this upcoming biopic or a life documentary of his life. That’s right they are making a movie that will show his life from where he started to the different footages from his recent successful concerts.

The following shows the full trailer of the upcoming Justin Bieber: Never Say Never movie which is set to be released in theaters in February 11, 2011.

[youtube 560 349]

“Never Say Never” is the song that he performed for The Karate Kid (2010) movie which stars Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. It is expected that the film will include a lot of celebrities that have been part of the success of the career of Justin.

Now if you want to watch Justin Bieber movie online then check the full video here at later after its official release date.

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