Aired on The CW at 9:00 PM, 8th of November 2012

Saturn Returns   


Vincent is captured on a convenience store surveillance video while preventing a robbery, and Cat warns him to be extra careful when his photo appears in the newspaper. Cat and Tess investigate the disappearance of a woman named Amy, who has gone missing after her fiancee, Dr. Michael Walters, surprised his bride-to-be by placing their engagement announcement in the paper that morning. Evan runs Amy’s fingerprints and discovers her true identity, while Cat wonders if her disappearance was intentional after Vincent mentions that he and JT have an escape plan to clear out of their loft without a trace in a matter of minutes. Later, Michael also goes missing and Joe learns that his team has been deceived. Meanwhile, Heather is planning a surprise birthday party for her sister, forcing Cat to postpone her birthday plans with Vincent. At the party, Cat and Evan share a surprising moment.

Watch Preview Clip/Trailer of 'Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Episode 5 – Saturn Returns' online below:

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  1. rosy says:

    I have never imagined they could make such wonderful story out of my favorite fairytale story, Beauty and the Beast

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