Aired on Showtime at 9:00 PM, 14th of July 2013

What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?   


Dexter continues his manhunt for the Brain Surgeon. Dr. Vogel tries to prove to Dexter that he’s perfect as a psychopath. Debra’s PTSD kicks in and she makes a desperate plea to confess to LaGuerta’s murder.


5 thoughts on “Dexter Season 8 Episode 3 – What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?”

  1. Nate says:

    Holy moly! She confesses… this will be amazing… I can’t wait until the next episode… please make it Sunday right now.

  2. gspear says:

    Dr. Vogel is so mysterious… I’m not sure she’s the killer because in the
    little movie from the CD (last episode) you can see the killer is
    wearing a blue glove just like the guys who pick up the bodies do. But
    we can tell she’s got kind of a dark passenger just like Dexter, inside
    her (and it seems to be darker than his…).

    1. Nate says:

      But it seems Dr. Vogel is too old to do that thing… I don’t think she’s the killer.

      1. gspear says:

        I just don’t trust her.

        1. Nate says:

          Even Dexter don’t trust her! But she knows his secret and nothing he can do about. Let’s just hope Hannah don’t find her with Dexter for she will surely die while eating something later :)

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