[caption id="attachment_6243" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Episode 5 - Reckoning"]Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Episode 5 - Reckoning[/caption]Its another bloody clash of gladiators on the Spartacus: Gods of the Arena episode 5 this weekend with episode title of "Reckoning" which air date schedule is Friday late night at 10pm ET of February 18, 2011. After the complications of power struggle of Batiatus and his father on the Beneath the Mask episode, it seems that this friction will still continue as his father will actively participate to his arena business by arranging a tournament between his gladiators to put his ludus (his own sets of gladiators/warriors) into a test to determine the value and strength of his men. After Crixus killed Auctus on the last episode, he is really fully committed to succeed with the choices he made however he find himself drawn into the power play within the house. The following shows a preview clip of the upcoming Reckoning episode of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena episode 5. Nikita episode 16 trailer Ready or not, the action begins on Friday and this 5th episode is the beginning of the last episode of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. Remember this prequel series is only composed of six episodes with stunning special effects and real action gladiator saga. If you want to watch Spartacus Gods of the Arena episode 5 online replay, just return here on the specified schedule above.


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