Aired on FOX at 8pm, 26th of September 2011

Genesis Part 1   


This is the pilot episode of the the sci-fi series, TERRA NOVA which is a series that revolve around the life of mankind in year 2149 as they try to avoid extinction from year 2149 by travelling back in time – about 85 millions years back where dinosaurs still exists. Center of the story will be with the Shannon family which is composed of Jim (father), his wife Elisabeth and their 3 children Josh, Maddy and Zoe where they live in Terra Nova – the first ever human colony in the dinosaur infested earth.

For the episode summary of Terra Nova season 1 episode 1 (pilot), read it below.

In the 1st part of the 2-part series premiere, the police raid the Shannon home and arrest the father, Jim Shannon. Shannon realizes that he should take drastic measures to keep his family together after his wife, Elisabeth, is selected to travel back to prehistoric times to create a new civilization and, hopefully, help change the future.


2 thoughts on “Terra Nova Season 1 Episode 1 – Genesis Part 1”

  1. Cesar says:

    got to say that this series has everything to be a great one just hope they keep everything flowing n keep mixing action, drama, and sience just like in this episode…. keep it coming! :)

  2. Elena says:

    Is Terra Nova series will be in 3D? I think this show will be a promising series and I am anticipating it a lot this week… I will definitely spend 2 hours to check on this Genesis 1&2 episode!

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