Here’s the episode summary of The Nine Lives of Chloe King episode 9:

Meredith invites her new boyfriend, Frank, and his teenage daughter, Vanessa, over for dinner in hopes that the four of them can get to know each other better. Although Vanessa initially wants nothing to do with the Kings, she eventually confides in Chloe about her blossoming romance with an older guy. Reminded of her situation with Brian, Chloe encourages Vanessa to be open and honest about her feelings. Unfortunately, The good intentions of Chloe backfire when the relationship of Vanessa puts her in grave danger. Meanwhile, Paul offers Alek some valuable insight into Chloe. Alek takes the advice of Paul to heart and is determined to show Chloe how much she means to him, only to have his resolve tested when the mutual animosity Alek with Brian finally reaches its limits. Jasmine allows herself to be distracted from her Uniter duties by Zane, a visiting member of the New York pride, but her crush may prove to be a fatal mistake for the Mai.

Chloe must move and think fast before she runs out of time to save a naive teenager from a horrible accident.


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