Aired on HBO at 9pm, 1st of July 2012

We’ll Meet Again   


Eric and Bill try to look for other people who knew about the disposal of Russell Edgington while Pam tries to be a good maker for her new progeny. However, Pam wonders what will be her relationship with her own. Patrick and Terry hunt for a former comrade while Roman try to search for a traitor in his inner circle. Sam, on the other hand, was visited by some old friends and a judge takes Jason and Andy to an exclusive club.


3 thoughts on “True Blood Season 5 Episode 4 – We’ll Meet Again”

  1. Gary says:

    The wait is painful. I thought I’d time each episode so that I’ll not have to wait when a new one comes out but i guess its getting harder by the day.

  2. truebloodfan says:

    Spoiler alert ( i still got a headache but here are some of the scenes that I love on the current episode ) :

    I thought Tara will gonna die when she wants to tan the life out of her but of course her “mother” and “creator” Pam comes to the rescue and tried to convince her not to do it (tanning?!) again. Meanwhile, Lafayette is so pissed with Sookie and that is still in connection with the murder of Debbie and Alcide already knew it.

    Eric confronts Pam and words of trust exchanges happened. She asked for her release from her creator if she can’t be trusted (take note: without the ‘h’ :)

    Bill gave a vamp-advice to Tara.

    Later, Sookie is involved in a car accident that almost cost her life but got drank with vodka celebrating her survival and flirts with Alcide and we can expect a 6 seconds “Sookide” scene and shows Bill watching them outside. You’ll be shocked when Bill said that they can use Sookie as a bait for Russell. Well maybe he’s got jealous or whatever reason.

    Reply to this comment to add more of what happened to this episode.

  3. hajile says:

    I hate spoilers but just want to ask is someone gonna dies on this episode? The pain of waiting is becoming unbearable as the story goes.

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